$3.00 USD

We're looking for your best journalism from 1,000-1,500 words for our dare-we-way wonderful Medium publication, PULP.

We love articles, essays, interviews, satire, photo essays, illustrations, comics, short documentaries, etc. etc. (sorry no poetry or fiction just yet!)—beautifully rendered—that intersects the personal with the universal. We’re fascinated by writing that brings narrative to the forefront of current issues, especially if those narratives are not often told or valued in traditional media. 

If you felt inspired by our Mission Statement and think we’d like an idea that’s rattling around your brilliant mind, please pitch us! We love being cleverly surprised.

What we pay...$250 for original articles

$100 for satire/humor

...And whatever the "clap metric" tells us for repubs.

It’s a bit of a wonky world on the platform that is Medium, so let us try to explain the situation in total transparency.

There are a host of humans—like 60 million a month—all writing and publishing on Medium. Some of them do it for the smell of it and some of them do it for cold American cash—i.e. they put it behind a paywall as part of Medium’s Member Program

When Medium Members clap for an article, a portion of their $5 monthly subscription fee is paid directly to the author whose work is behind the paywall. You can read helpful breakdowns of what this means monetarily from Medium writers here and here, but a clap’s worth uses a weighted average. 

As a clap payment is a fraction of a user’s $5 per month subscription fee, users who are clap-happy have lower paying claps than users who only claps a few times per month…

In short...

Without melting your face with details or getting dead-lost in the weeds of Medium’s monetary machinations, PULP will be a combination of commissioned content and curated content from the Medium community. 

In the body of the message box, please provide a short cover letter, brief bio and contact information. Thank you! 

If we accept your wonderful work—hurray!—we’ll pay you $250. 

That goes for all media unless it’s humor/satire and likely not “reported” for which we pay $100. 

If it's a Medium repub, you'll be paid by how many people clap on your story.

For multimedia (videos, photographs, illustrations, maybe even a podcast ) submissions, please submit here 

For timely/current events pieces, submit here.

Please be patient-- we're only a two person team, and responding to submissions can take upwards of a month. Thank you for understanding.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.