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Question(s) to ask ourselves...“How does this relate to sex—literally—or one’s personal/societal perception of sexuality” and/or reproductive rights…? 

—Human-body connection

—Menstruation —Transitioning (if explicitly linked to one’s relationship to sex or desire in the process of doing so, etc.) — Sexual violence/trauma of the body. (Not simply a harrowing story on abuse, but what said experience did to your perception of/relationship to, sex.)

— Dialogues on gender vis-a-vis the body/desire/sex (Not simply the fraught trappings of femininity/masculinity etc.) — Asexuality  — Science behind how and why sexual behaviors manifest. (Or don’t.) — Psychology of kinks  — Memoir/personal essays focused on one’s relationship to sex(uality) and their bodies — Evolving sexuality or burgeoning sexuality.  — Essays aimed at destigmatizing or exploring less common lifestyles : relationship choices from those actually living them — Interviews with scientists/ makers/ changers in the sex toy/sex positivity/porn/education/ VR sex industry etc. etc. 

— Sex(uality) and tech // ethically and otherwise — Histories of little-known or under-explored people, places, movements, and things about (you guessed it!) sex, sexuality, or reproductive rights.

What we pay:

It’s a bit of a wonky world on the platform that is Medium, so let us try to explain the situation in total transparency.   There are a host of humans—like TBD in fact—all writing and publishing on Medium. Some of them do it for the smell of it and some of them do it for cold American cash—i.e. they put it behind a paywall as part of Medium’s Member Program. This means that only the folks with Medium membership (those who pay $5-a-month) can read it. When Medium Members clap for an article, a portion of their $5 monthly subscription fee is paid directly to the author. You can read helpful breakdowns of what this means monetarily from Medium writers here and here, but a clap’s worth uses a weighted average. 

As a clap payment is a fraction of a user’s $5 per month subscription fee, users who are clap-happy have lower paying claps than users who only claps a few times per month…

IN SHORT!  Without melting your face with details or getting dead-lost in the weeds of Medium’s monetary machinations, PULP will be a combination of commissioned content and curated content from the Medium community. 

If we accept your wonderful work—hurray!—we’ll pay you on a case by case basis, but no less than $100.

In the body of the message box, please provide a short cover letter, brief bio and contact information.    Thank you!   

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