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Our five pillars are: Constitutional (wellness+repro. justice), Creative Juices (the craft of writing+making), HankyCode (all things identity), Not So G-Ratd (all things sex/uality), and Rare Objects (arts+culture.)

Question(s) to ask ourselves...“How does this relate to sex—literally—or one’s personal/societal perception of sexuality” and/or reproductive rights…? 

—Human-body connection

—Menstruation —Transitioning (if explicitly linked to one’s relationship to sex or desire in the process of doing so, etc.) — Sexual violence/trauma of the body. (Not simply a harrowing story on abuse, but what said experience did to your perception of/relationship to, sex.)

— Dialogues on gender vis-a-vis the body/desire/sex (Not simply the fraught trappings of femininity/masculinity etc.) — Asexuality  — Science behind how and why sexual behaviors manifest. (Or don’t.) — Psychology of kinks  — Memoir/personal essays focused on one’s relationship to sex(uality) and their bodies — Evolving sexuality or burgeoning sexuality.  — Essays aimed at destigmatizing or exploring less common lifestyles : relationship choices from those actually living them — Interviews with scientists/ makers/ changers in the sex toy/sex positivity/porn/education/ VR sex industry etc. etc. 

— Sex(uality) and tech // ethically and otherwise — Histories of little-known or under-explored people, places, movements, and things about (you guessed it!) sex, sexuality, or reproductive rights.

In the body of the message box, please provide a short cover letter, brief bio and contact information.    Thank you!   

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.